Consultation: Help Using BEMER Settings/Cycles

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Did you invest in the powerful BEMER technology, but you're not sure how to get the most out of its settings?  

Did you ask your independent destributor for help, read the manual, see YouTube videos, but you're still uncertain because your current health situation is so serious you feel somewhat helpless and paralyzed in making a confident decision? 

The Fact is You Are NOT Alone!  

Even though the BEMER company provides a generic approach to using specific weekly cycles, author and Medical Biomagnetic Specialist Moses Durazo, who has become an expert in helping people like you get the most out of this technology, realizes that each person's situation is unique (biodiverse), and therefore require customization.  

For a nominal fee (Add to Cart Below), practitioner Durazo will provide you with a PDF file that looks like this:


1. Cycles:  There can be 2-4 different weekly cycles. 

2.  Weekly Use Pattern.  In general, use between 3-5 days per week.  

3.  Minutes.  Use between 8-20 minutes per day use. 

4.  Intensity.  Use between intensity 1-10

5. How many times per week to use the Sleep Program 

Summary: Follow the instructions below, and get a customized cycle chart (PDF format) specifically for you.  For general questions about this offer, please call 714-824-9998. 

If you need specific healthcare constulation from the healthcare specialist, see instruction number 4 below. 


1.  Add to the cart (below) and pay
2.  EMAIL (  1) Full Name, 2) Date of Birth, 3) Where you live, 4) Have you ever had blood transfusion?, 5) General description of condition
3.  Also MUST email (MAGNETHEALING@GMAIL.COM) this pdf form (below) - for electronic signature (copy/paste): 


4. If you want an additional phone consultation to explain the cycle chart, Click Here to add to cart.

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