Medical Magnets: Saving Lives and Millions of Dollars in Healthcare

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Description:  Despite the new legal benefits, rights and protections for consumers, and polls showing that under ObamaCare the uninsured rate is the lowest it has been since 2008, the healthcare crisis continues. If nearly half of all Americans use prescription drugs, and approximately 750,000 of them are rushed to emergency rooms each year because of adverse reactions to the medicines, and on top of this the allopathic medical system is the number three killer right behind cancer…is all of this cause for celebration?

Seriously. If, in fact, the medical system wants to offer preventative care then equal access to alternative medical practitioners must be allowed. This writing is specifically in support of Medical Biomagnetism, but the wider truth is that this, in conjunction with the use of other natural treatments, will allow us to live well in optimal health without a drop of expensive pharmaceuticals and other invasive treatments such as surgery, chemo, radio, or hormone therapies.

The ObamaCare reform is only a stepping stone. Improving the system is a matter of our participation and demanding safe and effective healthcare, rather than to continue making us a nation of long-term pharmaceutical drug users. The wonderful win/win of this type of system is that it will also be less costly to our insurance companies and in the long run society benefits immensely. Holistic Health and Biomagnetic Practitioner (HHP & CBP) Moses Durazo has written three previous health care books. With this book, Durazo invites us to take meaningful action that may lead to a comprehensive, affordable and effective healthcare system. If you care about taking part in improving our current medical system, then this book is for you.

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