10 Magnet DIY Biomagnetism Set with 2 FREE Book BONUS

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  • 3 Book Bundle and Bonus Magnets includes: 1. Biomagnetism: The Mind Body Spirit Recalibration System: Magnetic Therapy Solutions, 2. How You Can Prevent, Improve and Cure Disease Using Magnets: Goizean Medical Biomagnetism & Bioenergetics: Frequently Asked Questions 3. How Magnets Can Save Your Life: A Holistic Guide for Optimal Living Ten (10) (count) biomagnetic magnets (3800 Gauss)
  • PREVENT, IMPROVE AND/OR HEAL ALL SORTS OF HEALTH CONDITIONS. Practical, powerful and precise self-care method to relieve pain, improve circulation, detoxify and boost immune system, live with greater sense of purpose, etc.
  • HOW DOES THIS NEW BIO-MAGNETIC THERAPY WORK? This new type of Biomagnetism differs from the old and out-dated magnetic therapy approach (i.e. bracelets, jewelry, mattresses, shoe inserts, etc.). When the proper magnetic polarity (north/south) is placed on each specific point of the body, our therapy magnets can restore a neutral pH environment, and stimulate the body in such a way that they can help the body ward off pathogens quickly and stimulate proper body function.
  • WELL PROTECTED AND LABELED. All the ceramic health magnets are encased in protective plastic cases to prevent breakage and chipping. They are labeled so that you can quickly and easily identify the north from the south poles (negative/positive).
  • PRACTICAL AND POWERFUL GUIDES. With every bundle kit, we offer you the complete recalibration system illustrated book that is easy to follow showing you easy to use magnetic application. Also, Durazo’s holistic guide book that will allow you to develop a better system for living, and Durazo’s frequently asked questions book that will help you further understand the art of Medical Biomagnetism. 

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