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In order to live the best quality life, we believe that every person should participate in maintaining their optimal wellness.  This happens through lifestyle, science and technologies.

We believe the BEMER should be a part of your home.  Do you want to try this medical device for FREE and discover why people rave about it?   

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1. Biomagnetism: recalibration system (3 books/10 Magnet Bundle KIT)

2. Biomagnetism: recalibration system (1 books/10 Magnet Bundle KIT)

3.  Biomagnetism: 4-Magnet QUICK START KIT

4.   Biomagnetismo: el sistema de recalibracion (KIT 1 LIBRO/10 Imanes) 

5.   Biomagnetismo: el sistema de recalibracion (KIT 3 LIBROS/10 Imanes)

Review the Books in English

1. How magnets can save your life

2. How you can prevent improve and cure disease using magnets

3.  Medical Magnets: Saving Lives and Millions of Dollars in Healthcare

4. How to Cure With Alternative Medicine Without Government Interference

5. BEMER Circulation Technology, Biomagnetic Therapy and Your Perfect Life 

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Evalúe los libros en Español
1.   Cómo los imanes pueden salvar tu vida

2.   IMANES: Cómo Prevenir, Mejorar y Curar la Enfermedad

3.  Imanes Medicos como salvar vidas y millones de dolares en el cuidado de la salud

4.   Cómo Curar con Medicina Alternativa Sin la Interferencia del Gobierno

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When you order a BEMER Pro or Classic set from Durazo Medical Biomagnetism and Neuro Alignment (links above), receive Durazo's ultimate wellbeing collection FREE.  It includes:  10 health magnets and 6 books by Moses Durazo. 1. recalibration system, 2. holistic guide, 3. Biomagnetism’s frequently asked questions, 4. alternative medicine legal guide, 5. why insurance should pay for biomagnetism. Limited time only. A $499 Value. Spanish language option.  Subject to availability. Free shipping to USA addresses only. Call 714-824-9998 for more info. 

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