Learn How to Use Biomagnetism to Recalibrate Your Life

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Another event you don't want to miss!!!  Biomagnetic Pair Specialist Moses Durazo and author of the Biomagnetic Recalibration System, will conduct a very powerful training.  That will allow you to learn how to use magnets at home to gain and maintain control of your wellbeing! 

DATE: September 24, 2017 (Sunday) 

TIME: 10 AM - 5 PM (PST)

COST:  FREE (a $2,300 VALUE) 

Location: 2100 N. Broadway, Suite 204, Santa Ana, CA  92706 (Durazo Medical Biomagnetism)

TOPIC: Do you feel lost and confused? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Everyday Moses Durazo helps people overcome pain and suffering with education, specific strategies and science.  Durazo will show you a simple yet powerful way to use magnets at home. 

Material: This training is based on Durazo's trilogy of books.  They are not included, but will be available for purchase at a discount for class participants. 

RSVP:  Register below or text (info from below) today to reserve your spot: 714-824-9998

Two (2) Special Guest Speakers:   

Merita Ma:  You know how your life seems to keep replaying patterns you don’t like?  You may feel stuck.  You may feel like you can’t change your life.  You may feel depressed, frustrated, afraid, you may need answers desperately.  

My name is Merit. I've been helping people find the root cause for their emotional pains and helping them permanently erase their pain for more than 9 years. I specialize in methods that work permanently for life change, erasing emotions and repeating thought patterns.
Over the years I have successfully worked with hundreds of people to transform their pain to optimal wellness.  For example, once upon a time Richard was so depressed and unable to function in life due to his traumatic childhood where his father raped him and his sister until they were in their early twenties.  

He allows me to share his story because he is over 50 years old and had tried every form of therapy or emotional healing technique he could find and nothing or no one could make a difference for him until he met me.  After only 6 sessions he felt normal and wanted me to work with his sister who was homeless and also unable to function.  

It’s testimonials like this that inspire me to continue making myself available.  Of course, not everyone's story is as dramatic as Richard's, but if I can help him, just think of what I can do for you!

Ray Arocho:  Specializes as a Biosync health practitioner and financial wealth specialist!  He will teach us about weight loss (he himself lost 120 lbs, and has kept it off for over 7 years), and overall health maintenance using a powerful, safe and natural technology.

BEST in the industry! No one teaches it better!

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