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Recently a semiprofessional athlete came to our Biomagnetic Healing Center.  He was so fatigued that he made Disney’s Sleepy character look like the Energizer Bunny.  He was barely able to walk, keep his eyes open, or finish his sentences due to the constant yawning.  This had been going on for several weeks.  

This might seem cute in the cartoons, but for real people living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), this is no laughing matter!  CFS may also be referred to by other names (click here for list of other names).

This is a complex medical condition characterized by long-term fatigue and other symptoms.  

These symptoms limit a person's ability to carry out ordinary daily activities (click here for example of symptoms)

In this gentleman’s case, he had consulted with a couple of physicians.  He followed their instructions and took the medication as instructed, but no improvement after many weeks.  When his buddy told him about trying the Biomagnetic Pair therapy, he had no idea what it was, but he was desperate and figured he had nothing to lose.  

When he returned a week later for his follow-up biomagnetic session, he was back to his normal self, and said it was around three (3) days after our session that the healing effects became obvious to him.  But how is that even possible using magnets? 

The answer is simple and has to do with the ability to restore proper biochemical (potential hydrogen) balance using magnets.  When the body is in balance, it functions optimally.   

When it comes to increased energy levels, even “healthy” people wish they had more, and that is certainly possible with Biomagnetism, so what are you waiting for?  

An elderly woman in her 80s let us know that after her biomagnetic session she felt like she was walking on feathers and that her friends (also elderly) were asking her why she was in such a rush walking so fast.  She responded by asking them, “why are YOU walking so slowly?”