Distance Healing is also known as Healing from a Distance or Remote Healing.

This method of healing refers to the biomagnetic practitioner’s ability to apply the therapy to someone that is not in their physical presence. In other words, any person can receive the benefits of Biomagnetism without ever stepping foot inside our office.  This is possible even when the practitioner is thousands of miles away.  

This might seem unbelievable at first, but it does work.  In fact, such work has been documented by medical professional as far back as the mid 1900’s (Cayce, 2014).

In order to understand distance healing, we need to understand that the foundation of all sciences is physics.  The two major branches of physics are Classical and Modern.  

Allopathic medicine is based on classical physics, meaning there is a linear cause and effect approach.  For example, one pill lowers blood sugar levels, another numbs pain, and another is anti-inflammatory and so on.  There is a linear cause and effect that’s measurable and predictable.  Take this pill and you will get this result.

To understand distance healing, we must look at modern quantum physics for some insight.  

Here’s a quantum physics related question: if you were in a room by yourself and someone entered and stood behind you looking at you without you ever hearing anything, would you know that person was there?  

Research has shown evidence that people do in fact sense other people’s gaze. The same happens when people are video recorded and viewed in a separate location.  

There is still so much that science can’t prove or disprove.  For example, according to classical physics theories, nothing travels faster than the speed of light.  Albert Einstein proved this. However, on a quantum physics level, experiments revealed actions that happened simultaneously in laboratories conducting the same experiment at a large distance as if time and space did not exist.  

Einstein referred to this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance” and to date the question as to why this happens remains a mystery (unproven theory).  Even Einstein was never able to answer this question.  (Greene, 2011)

Distance healing is based on the certainty that the entire universe is interconnected and that nothing exists on its own.  Using Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics is a healing method that is extremely effective just as if a person were actually present.  

A practitioner does a distance healing session by placing magnets on a person who is not the planned target—called a surrogate. The practitioner and surrogate both direct their consciousness and intention to address the recipients’ (target’s) health. 

A distance healing session is only performed when the recipient requests such a session or consents, if it’s the case that it was suggested to them. Biomagnetic and bioenergetic practitioners do not do distance healing sessions because someone requests it for someone else. First, it’s unethical to mingle in anybody’s life.  Second, if that person does not want healing and is not open to it, this can actually backfire on a practitioner and cause harm, such as causing an excruciating headache.   A distance healing session can be performed with children if the parents request it.  In this case, a child’s health is the responsibility of the parents.  

There does come a point when a person is still a child under the law, but old enough by laws of the universe, to make their own decisions—generally in adolescence.  In this case, it’s best to ask them for permission.  

There are other cases where a person might be in a coma or in a situation where they can’t communicate.  In this case, the family can make the decision for them.  

* Note: It is possible to treat pets (any animal) with Distance Healing.

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