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Biomagnetism Therapy




Medical Bioenergetics is a method of using the mind in order to diagnose pH distortions of the organism, but even more astonishing, to dive deeper into psychological matters, emotional problems, chemical deficiencies, hormonal and even spiritual issues that biomagnetism alone cannot accomplish.  

This is a method that advanced biomagnetic practitioners use.

If there is any part of the biomagnetic branch that might cause skepticism, it is probably in this area. It’s difficult for some to understand that the nervous system of the person we are studying can respond to the practitioner’s questions.  

However, more and more people have some experience with similar techniques used by other healthcare practitioners, and those that see Medical Bioenergetics in action may refer to it as muscle testing or kinesiology.

Therapists have in essence a conversation with your body’s inner intelligence and your body understands it and responds.

Using conscious intention, a practitioner is able to get a specific reflex from the body that’s being studied and therefore helps the practitioner to understand the root imbalances.  

The understanding of why bioenergetics works is because our deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) understands the therapist’s questions and commands.

DNA can decode intention and therefore a bioenergetic scan can be conducted in any language, even when the therapist and recipient are of different linguistic backgrounds.   

In order for a practitioner to understand what’s wrong, they must see the shortening or lengthening of the legs (or arms).

By reciting specific anatomy, for example, heart, liver, thymus and so on, or asking about emotional, psychological and other issues, the moment leg length changes, that tells the practitioner there’s an imbalance.

At first look, the bioenergetic strategy looks unusual, but the scientific studies (see the video on this page) and the growing number of success stories are proving that this does in fact work.