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Biomagnetism Therapy




The objective of Biomagnetism is to detect and erase specific pH distortions happening in the body.   

In order to detect specific pH distortions throughout the body, a person lies face up (fully clothed and with shoes) on a therapy table, or wherever you chose.  A magnet is then placed on over 300 specific body parts one at a time.  

If there is a pH distortion in, for example, your stomach; then by physically placing a magnet over your stomach (over the clothing) the reaction the practitioner observes is either the shortening or lengthening of the right hemisphere.  

For the most part, we measure leg length to determine this, but we can also use arm length as well.  

There are two different strategies for detecting pH distortions in the body.  

1. The physical placement of a magnet directly over a body part (Biomagnetism) and 

2. through Bioenergetics, which some refer to as muscle testing

Both methods for determining pH distortions yield the same shortening or lengthening reaction.