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Biomagnetism Therapy



The factors that lead to pH imbalances (disease) and thus cause diminished quality of life are:

1. Pathogens/Infections: virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus

2. Dysfunctions: glandular, organs or systems (i.e. nervous, circulatory, etc.)

3. Toxins: environmental, foods, medicines, nutritional supplements, pathogens, etc.

4. Psychological: psychiatric, emotional and/or belief systems

5. Emotional Trauma: unexpected shock

6. Deficiencies:  minerals, vitamins, water (dehydration)

7. Spiritual Health: lack of sense of purpose and/or spiritual entities

8. Foreign DNA: blood transfusions, organ transplants

9. Malignancy: any negative emotion from others directed at you, i.e. anger, hatred, jealousy, etc

10. Chakra Imbalances: blocked energy vortexes

11. Reservoirs: body parts containing and supporting microorganisms without causing symptoms