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Biomagnetism Therapy



The simple answer is that if you weren’t born with the disease (congenital), and the problem isn’t a result of poisoning or physical trauma (accidents), then Biomagnetism can help cure all conditions.  

When our body is in biochemical balance, it functions at optimal ability and disease cannot exist.  

When looking for a cure, it’s important to also factor in how long a person has lived with a disease and how much tissue damage has occurred.  

Sometimes the damage caused has surpassed the ability to heal.  

For example, if someone has gone blind it’s likely that person may not see again. However, we must not fool ourselves into thinking that there’s no benefit to Biomagnetism under these circumstances.  

We have to consider that the underlying pH imbalanced factors that led to this disease process may still be active in the body, and therefore Biomagnetism can help increase quality of life and possibly slow the degenerative process regardless of the diagnosis.  

Many want to know if Biomagnetism can work for their specific diagnosis like cancer, lupus, arthritis, or high blood pressure to name just a few.  

The answer will always be yes, because Biomagnetism’s objective is creating the proper biochemical balance so that a person heals to optimal ability.  

Always realize that a person’s lifestyle choices influence healing.  

For any person on earth with a pulse, Biomagnetism can enhance quality of life regardless of disease stage.  

We continuously see that people in the end-stages of life go through healing. Relatives of the deceased often say there was less agony, more peace and acceptance and this, in my opinion, leads to success stories despite death.   

In order to understand what Biomagnetism can cure, we must understand what disease is.  

Disease is a result of biochemical imbalances; we call those imbalances potential hydrogen (pH) distortions.