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Biomagnetism Therapy




To describe how Biomagnetism works we must first understand a few basic scientific principles.  

Our organism (complete body) is comprised mostly of water.  

Water is a molecule comprised of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms (H20).  

Atoms are comprised of neutrons, protons, and electrons; in other words, we are energy.  

All chemical substances (water, vinegar, juice and so on) are measured on a potential hydrogen (pH) scale.  In other words, all chemicals are evaluated to see if that substance is an acid or alkaline.

Since we are mostly water, acidity and alkalinity represent distortions and therefore an imbalanced organism. 

When our biochemistry is pH neutral, meaning there is neither acidity nor alkalinity—7.0 with a slight plus or minus variation—then our body is at its optimal energetic levels thus representing the perfect biochemical balance as intended by nature in order to live in optimal health. 

Biomagnetism uses both negative and positive (north and south) magnetic fields to detect and erase specific pH imbalances occurring throughout the body.  

In other words, this treatment searches out what organ or gland, for example, is acidic or alkaline.  The treatment balances out those targeted organs or glands.  

This is a very different approach than the standard pH tests that measure an overall pH balance using blood, urine, feces or saliva samples.  

These tests do give a general picture of pH balance; however, biomagnetism targets the specific anatomy of where a localized pH distortion is taking place. 

Placing magnets on specific body parts that are polarized (imbalanced electrical charges) will lead to biochemical balance and thus allow the body to continue its regenerating and homeostasis process.