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Biomagnetism Therapy

The fact is that every-day-life comes with mind, body and spirit problems, and nobody is immune to them. 

Unfortunately, you, just like millions of other families, are discovering the hard way that medications, supplements, diets, and/or exercise alone are not the solution, and chasing cures is costing you thousands of dollars each year, not to mention time and effort that is lost stressing out.
Fortunately, safe and powerful solutions do exist, and our integrative natural biomagnetic medicine center is serving as a strong model for what the medical system of the future looks like.  

Our biomagnetic center is like no other in the United States, or perhaps in the world!  Our founder, healthcare specialist and author, Moses Durazo, has dedicated over 20 years of his life searching for the most effective and efficient strategies to help make life healthier and happier for everybody to enjoy.  

Through science, technology and self-care strategies and education, we have been able to help our members cure of illnesses and diseases that, according to the "medical authorities" have no cure. 

Every day we teach people how they can take matters into their own hands and diminish the use of medications and supplements and not have to rely on others for their wellbeing.  Our primary mission is to empower families to be in greater control of their lives by having the tools and knowledge at home! 

Every day, new people are implementing our strategies and are diminishing and/or completely getting rid of chronic pain and/or curing things like cancer, arthritis, Lyme's and more, without any pills, or drop of chemotherapy, radiation or other common allpathic, homeopathic, herbal approaches.  

Wouldn't it be great if something like this happened to you?  

Everybody knows that magic pills do not exist, and that's why a multidimensional approach is necessary.  Our safe, natural and powerful services have to do with:

1. Medical Pair Biomagnetic Therapy.  This is a diagnostic medical treatment that neutralizes your potential hydrogen (pH), which is generally the underlying reason illness exists. This is a new medical treatment that was only discovered in 1988, and is now being taught in universities.

Our specialist and author, Moses Durazo, is a leading pioneer of this science.  When it comes to treatment and prevention of any and ALL illness or disease, this therapy should be primary.  The medical system of tomorrow should prioritize this system.  Read the book, Medical Magnets: Saving Lives and Millions of Dollars in Healthcare: Why Your Insurance Plan Should Pay for Medical Biomagnetism by Durazo.  

2. Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulating Technology.  In our search to provide you with the best quality services and access to home-care tools and technology, we discovered an FDA approved european patented technology that is greatly enhancing our members' healing responses.  This technology works using safe electromagnetic waves that provoke a powerful cardiovascular circulation boost.  

With enhanced blood flow, our cells more efficiently receive nutrients while also enhancing the detoxification process.  Using this technology alone, our members have immediately diminished pain, inflammation, blood sugar levels and so much more, including weight loss and youthful skin appearance.  This is a must-have for all households and we can help you order one for your family (Click Here).  

3. Home-Care Biomagnetic Kits.  Undoubtedly, EVERY household and workplace on earth should have magnets in their wellbeing cabinet or first aide kit.  We show you simple to follow biomagnetic protocols that any person can easily understand to help overcome mind, body and spirit pain, and boost their strengths, as outlined in his illustrated book Mind, Body and Spirit Recalibration System.

There are three (3) basic personal-care kits:  1 and 2. The basic 4- or 10-magnet quick start kits that show you three (3) essential biomagnetic formulas that help you with pain relief, detoxification and immune system boosting.  3. The advanced Recalibration Kit with 3 books and 10 magnets takes you through a step-by-step mind, body and spirit recalibration process. This advanced personal-care system is unique because it shows you how you can follow very simple and powerful steps that lead to self-discovery, self-empowerment and transformation. 

The intention of these self-care kits are to show all people on earth how to be in greater control of the mind, body and spirit because there is a direct relationship between emotions/purpose for living with our physical wellbeing. 

Regardless of age, gender or belief systems, everybody can use this protocol to boost their quality of life. 

4. Books.  Durazo has put over 20 years of his experience into writting 6 books.  For more information, CLICK HERE

5. CBD oil and other hemp products.  If you are interested in experiencing the many great benefits of using CBD oil and other hemp products for your family and pets, CLICK HERE.  

6. Informational Talks and Seminars.  Durazo frequently gives a FREE one (1) hour talk - generally on Thursdays at 4:30 PM.  We understand you might not be able to join us at our office, but stay in touch by joining the newsletter so we can inform you when we get around to video-recording this talk.  

7.  Do you want to sell your BEMER?   Every day we work with people who want to have the BEMER technology at home, but cannot afford it.  Do you have a BEMER in working condition that you would like to sell?  We would like to buy the BEMER from you.  Call 714-824-9998 or email:

Durazo also gives a self-care biomagentic seminar where he teaches how to use the Recalibration method.  CLICK HERE for more information.  

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Moses Durazo founded Durazo Medical Biomagnetism, a private membership medical association based in Santa Ana, CA, in order to provide the very best in revolutionary holistic natural medicine therapy, medical technology and self-care strategies so that every family on earth gain and maintain greater control of their wellbeing.  

He came across this life-saving therapy in 2008. With only one biomagnetic session, a 4 ½-year chronic digestive issue disappeared overnight despite having tried many conventional and alternative therapies.  He immediately knew that his mission would be to help as many people as possible with this safe and powerful medical system, and it begins with awareness.