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If you are currently or have recently finished chemotherapy, Biomagnetism may interfere.  
Therefore, practitioners recommend you wait at least a few months before attempting biomagnetism.

Biomagnetism does not interfere with other types of treatments nor vice versa.

If you take medicine, listen to your body because if you start feeling worse, it just might mean that you are recuperating (getting healthy) and the medication may not be necessary, or you may need to reduce (modify) your dosage.

As a practitioner, I have heard several times from people saying that after the biomagnetic session they felt worse.  They went to their allopathic practitioners and concluded that less medicine was needed.  Once they reduced their medication, they felt better.  Great news for them.  Less medication in the body and a reduced financial strain.

Some people may experience a healing crisis after biomagnetism, meaning they are detoxifying and may want to take medication for the pain.

Taking pain medication (analgesics) will not undo the biomagnetic therapy.  However, realize this is a very rare reaction and few people will respond in this manner.