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Biomagnetism Therapy
Virtually everybody that seeks our Biomagnetism services asks if we accept insurance. The real question is whether there are insurance policies that specifically pay for it.  

To date most major insurances have not included Biomagnetism in their approved/covered treatments and the cost falls back on the individual.  

This may be due to two main reasons:  one, insurance companies just don’t know about this treatment and would accept it if they knew all the positive and cost saving facts associated with it, or two, there are not enough clients (you) asking the big companies go through the process of adding a new treatment.

Because Biomagnetism was only discovered and developed in 1988 in Mexico, this treatment is virtually unknown of in the USA.  Needless to say, there is no specific healthcare insurance plan (at least not one that I or my insurance broker knows about) that specifically covers this service.  

But we can certainly take steps to get insurance to cover Biomagnetism.  

I recently spoke to someone at the Department of Insurance asking them the steps the Biomagnetic field would need to take to be considered a reimbursable service by the insurance industry.  I was surprised by the simplicity yet complexity of the answer.  

The representative I spoke to advised me to submit the claim to the insurance company and see if they would reimburse it.  If the insurance company does not reimburse it, then one could contact the Department of Insurance requesting a review of the denial.  In that review an independent medical panel would take this treatment and reimbursement into consideration.  

It then made a lot of sense that so many people that have been cured using Biomagnetism can make all the difference in the world.

Can you imagine receiving the great benefits of Biomagnetism, and then submitting the claim for reimbursement along with medical exam reports that verify the efficacy of this treatment?  

If more people did this, in no time more insurance companies would include this service in their plans because they are definitely interested in saving money.  We just have to show them it works.