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Biomagnetism Therapy

You should NOT have Biomagnetism if you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or have just recently completed it.  

This is mentioned above, but here is even more information on the only condition where you would not add biomagnetism to your health care routine.

chemotherapy and magnetic therapyThe reason to not mix chemotherapy with this natural treatment is that Biomagnetism’s powerful effects on our body can cause more of the chemotherapy to be absorbed into the cells. This means the absorption of the chemotherapy will amplify its poisoning effects and can possibly cause more of the healthy cells to die as well as the cancer cells.  

It should be clear that biomagnetism is not what is causing you the harm under this scenario, but rather it’s the fact that chemotherapy is a highly poisonous substance.  

That’s why many doctors say, “Either the cancer or the chemotherapy will kill you, but at least you have a chance to live.”

A woman on chemotherapy once begged me to give her biomagnetic services.  Her point was this:

“ Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and was given six months to live.  I proved them wrong and here I am still.  I hate being on chemotherapy because I feel sick every single day of my life. Either biomagnetism helps me get better or I'm going to die anyways, but I can’t go on living this way.  I'm ready to die.”

How do you respond to such a request?  

I was in extreme distress and helping her haunted my thoughts.  I agreed to her request and the great news was that she was able to sleep better as a result; there was no adverse reaction whatsoever.  

Dr. Goiz has said to wait one year from the date of the last chemotherapy session before performing biomagnetism.  On the other hand, a trained biomagnetic specialist will know when the time is right.  

One might not have to wait that long to have access to biomagnetism.  Yet, every single patient is slightly different; so care and monitoring must be part of this therapy any time after chemotherapy.