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Biomagnetism Therapy

Let me stress that magnetism is a natural part of any living thing and found throughout the makeup of our planet/universe.

Biomagnetism is a safe and natural therapy that uses static magnets that are beneficial to our health and not harmful.  

Because there’s no electricity involved, there’s no risk of injury. For example, there will be absolutely no tissue burns such as might occur with electromagnetic machines.  None of that shock therapy treatment that went on during the turn of the century!  

Most people, regardless of age (including newborns) or the type of health challenge they may face are perfect candidates to receive biomagnetism.  

Biomagnetism is SAFE if you are pregnant, taking medication, undergoing other allopathic or other natural therapies or have a pacemaker or any other surgical implants.

The ONLY time Biomagnetism may not be a fit for your condition is if you are currently or have recently gone through chemotherapy.  

Biomagnetism is such a powerful healing method that a balanced organism (a person after biomagnetic sessions) can cause the cells to absorb more of the chemotherapy. Since chemotherapy is a dangerous poison, the increase in absorption of these poisons can amplify the already harmful effects.

Tell your biomagnetic practitioner if you have recently received chemotherapy.  A properly trained biomagnetic therapist knows when it’s safe for you to receive biomagnetism.  

 Because everyone is so biologically unique, it’s impossible to say how long one should wait after chemotherapy.  Some might only need to wait one month, and others up to a year.  

 In summary, biomagnetism is completely safe regardless of whether you take pharmaceutical drugs or any other alternative medicine.

If you have never had chemotherapy, or it has been several years since you last had chemotherapy, you need not worry. If you have recently had chemotherapy, inform your biomagnetic therapists to help you determine whether biomagnetism is appropriate or not.