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Biomagnetism Therapy

Goiz Science Cells
Magnets have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.  

Our ancestors have known that magnetic fields can help reduce pain and bring down inflammation when applied directly to these sites.  (These are just two of many examples of the long history of treatment with magnets.)

In 1988, a medical doctor named Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán from Mexico City discovered a much superior and efficient way of using magnets for health reasons.  

He discovered that we can use a pair of magnets for diagnostic and curing purposes. Dr. Goiz says his interest in therapeutic uses for magnetic fields happened as a result of learning about Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer’s discovery that pH imbalances can be detected by placing natural magnetic fields to the body.

Dr. Goiz’ conclusion was that if imbalances can be detected, then surely they can be corrected.  

It was then that he began experimenting with a new way of applying magnets to the body.  To his surprise, in 1988 he helped cure one of his HIV/AIDS patients using static magnets, and from there on a new scientific therapeutic field was born.  

Dr. Goiz’ incredibly new and exciting field of biomagnetic therapy is being discovered daily by those seeking an alternative to expensive, intrusive and unproductive hospital visits – in other words, people are looking for options, realizing that mainstream allopathic medicine is failing them.  

As a result many would-be and current health practitioners are seeking direct training from Dr. Goiz.  

When I studied with Dr. Goiz in 2009 at Mexico City’s Medical Biomagnetism Research Center, I was surrounded by healthcare practitioners from various fields.  Those in attendance included medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, Reiki healers, masseurs and spiritists/mediums, and more.  The healthcare novices in attendance included, but were not limited to housewives, store clerks and even a shoe maker.

Dr. Goiz reminds us that his original intentions were to teach his discover ONLY to medical doctors and existing healthcare practitioners of diverse modalities, but that he was "forced" to teach everybody because medical doctors were not interested in his "quack" medicine. It was either divulge this knowledge by teaching every and anybody or keep this information to himself and have the writings only occupy pages in books.  

Today his work has generated so much interest that universities throughout Latin America and Europe have requested permission to teach his Biomagnetic Pair theory, which he has endorsed. The future certainly looks bright!