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Biomagnetism Therapy

You must be aware that Biomagnetism has been put under scientific testing, and the results prove that the strategic placement of magnets on the body can produce powerful healing transformation.  

In 2009, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, Biomagnetism’s founding practitioner, successfully put his method to the test together with Dr. Raymond Hilu.  
More than two hundred patients of highly diverse pathologies, in the presence of observing doctors from a number of countries, were treated with biomagnetism. (Goiz Durán & Hilu, 2009)

During this study, their patients received only one biomagnetic treatment.  The summary below of this study inspires confidence that the future in medicine is here:

Patients began by bringing their medical documents confirming their diagnoses.  These were all diagnoses from traditional doctors.  

In addition, blood samples were taken and analyzed before and after the biomagnetic session.  These blood samples verified these test patients were very sick with conditions such as poor circulation, pathogens, dirty blood with abnormal immunological behavior, toxins and so on.  

After the biomagnetic session, the blood samples verified the efficacy of the treatment.  

The results were astonishing!  

Immediately after the biomagnetic session, instead of clumped blood cells, the cells were separated and moving around freely indicating more oxygen and circulation. 

In addition, no traces of bacteria or fungus were found.  Everything seemed to have improved dramatically except for the toxin accumulation.  The toxins appeared smaller, but still visible.  

Dr. Goiz argues that with the passing of a few days, a properly functioning liver would process and eliminate the now smaller toxins. 

Dr. Hilu acknowledges that getting these results from an estimated 20-minute biomagnetic session is very encouraging. After all, the results showed this brief treatment eliminating bacteria, fungus and improving circulation to such a measurable degree where by comparison most traditional tests would have shown an almost unmeasurable change after one allopathic treatment.  

In fact, using an allopathic medical approach would have required administering six medications over the course of several months to gain the same benefits.  However, we should add that the use of pharmaceuticals may have negative long or short term side effects, and Biomagnetism does not.  

In other words, a 20-minute biomagnetic session produced such a powerful shift that one would think it was someone else’s blood.  

In many of these cases, white blood cells were stagnant prior to biomagnetism and very active afterwards.  
As a patient, I think the cost comparison alone would encourage you to try the biomagnetic treatment first.

The foundation of Dr. Goiz’ theory is that magnets erase potential hydrogen (pH) distortions, in other words; it balances the pH in your body.  
During this study, they were able to see the pH level of the blood of each patient.  After the biomagnetic treatment, the acidosis disappeared completely and the blood began to lean towards alkalosis in all cases without exception.  

According to Dr. Hilu, this study did come with a problem.  

In many cases, Dr. Goiz’ diagnosis was frequently different from what the patient’s medical documentation said. For example, supposing a patient had a clinical allopathic diagnosis of a malignant tumor (cancer) below the ribs, it may have been diagnosed by Dr. Goiz as having an abscess below the ribs and not cancer.   

Dr. Hilu said he was not concerned or bothered by this differentiation in diagnostic conclusions because the primary objective is to improve and cure patients.  In the end, it’s more important to have real benefits over knowing for sure what the exact problem is.