At our Santa Ana, CA Biomagnetism therapy center, we have had thousands of success stories.  

Men, women, children, young, old, healthy, and unhealthy, have benefited from this ultimate life-enhancing science. 

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Breast Cancer

Pregnancy Hemorrhaging/Cyst

Pancreatic Cure: Surgery now Unnecessary

Back Pain Relief/Cure & Weight Loss after 22 year Searching

Asthma Cure in 1 Biomagnetic Session 

Stress Reduction  

Diabetes, Inflammation, Eye Sight, and Aggressive Behavior

A male in his 50’s with a diabetes diagnosis reported poor vision along with feeling bloated and annoyed with everybody all the time.  Within 30 days (4 sessions later) he reported feeling much better.  

His family immediately noticed that he returned to his normal good moods.  In that time span, his ophthalmologist saw a 5% improvement with his eyesight, which is “unusual under the circumstances”, said that doctor.  

Finger & Lip Warts 

A 13-year-old female had huge warts on all 10 fingers and on her upper lip.  Classical allopathic doctors had previously treated the warts by freezing them off with liquid nitrogen.  The mother reported that they grew back even bigger after that treatment.

One week after the girl’s first biomagnetic session, they noticed they weren’t as “juicy” (their word).  By the second week, they were even smaller, and within 30 days, all of her warts had dried up and disappeared.

Infertility & Pregnancy

A woman who hadn't had a menstrual period in 7 years came for treatment only once.  She had a period that month and a few months later, she was pregnant and eventually had a healthy baby.  

Ovarian Cyst and High Risk Miscarriage

A pregnant woman three months along started bleeding due to an ovarian cyst.  Her medical doctor placed her on bed rest because she was at high risk of miscarrying.  After Biomagnetism, the bleeding stopped within hours of treatment.  Eventually the cyst disappeared.  By the time the baby was born, there was no sign of it.  

Arthritis Pain Reduction 

A man who had been living for years with arthritis had an 80% reduction in pain after only one biomagnetic treatment during a time-span of just 30 days.  He was so inspired by this improvement that he decided to stop taking medication.  As a result of his action, his sleep and digestion improved as well.  

Terminal Bone Cancer

The family of a man diagnosed with terminal bone cancer was split on whether to give Biomagnetism a try since there was no cure at his stage of this cancer.  The man did eventually pass away from this disease; however, he went through a significant increase in quality of his life.  During his final days he was in less pain, more optimistic and accepting of his situation, and even made a strong effort to care for himself—walking, talking and eating.  A pleasant change because he had alienated himself in a room before his treatment with us.    

Reduction in Blood Pressure Medicine

A woman noticed only minor changes in her body after Biomagnetism.  She returned to let us know that for the first time in over a decade her blood pressure was normal and the doctor reduced the medication dosage and eventually discontinued them.  For such a minor perceived difference, the results for her in the long term were profound.

We hope that the above success stories inspire you to take action.  Even when 100% cures don’t happen, experience shows us that improvement in your quality of life is possible.  Even in terminal cases, results of increased quality of life are seen, and we believe, despite death, that this also is healing.  

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