We want to partner up with people like you that are serious about making a great impact on society.  Join our BEMER therapy and distribution team today.  No therapeutic skills are necessary.  We will educate you on the BEMER technology use.  Together we will help thousands more improve their quality of life.  A BEMER medical device purchase is not necessary. 

You can get started today for only $390 (for entire year/12 months). Sign-Up Fee Covers: 1. BEMER Academy training registration 2. Access to BEMER Back Office (BBO), our IBD business information portal for tracking sales and Commission 3. Personalized IBD web page 4. Development and maintenance of BEMER’s online platforms 5. Administration and Technology Support 

Step 1:  Visit:  http://biomagnetictherapy.bemergroup.com/en-US







Step 2:  Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Click on Become a BEMER DistributorImportant Note: you can become a BEMER distributor without a BEMER purchase.  Second note:  If you are purchasing a BEMER, and also becoming a distributor (which you should), these are the same steps to take.  


Step 3:  Click on the Become a BEMER Distributor button at top of page. 

Step 4:  Fill out Mandatory fields



Step 5:  If you are ordering a BEMER you can choose a different deliveray address; if so, click on that link.  If not continue to NEXT button.  


Step 6: Next page you will find your mentor info:  Moses Durazo Medical Biomagnetism.  CLICK NEXT 


Step 7: Here you choose if you want only to 'Signup only', or sign up with a set.  Your choice, but definitely the way to go is to get your BEMER Today! 


Step 8:  Information Review Summary



Step 9:  Choose Shipping Option:   ground, 3-day or 24h express

Step 10: Check box to agree with terms and conditions.  Then select payment option.  You can pay with multiple cards. 



 Step 11:  Fill out your credit card information.  Then hit Pay button.  *** Be sure you have the credit limit to cover the purchase.  Otherwise, immediately call bank and inform them that you are making a large purchase so that they increase the limit.  


It really is that simple!  But if you need help, call your Mentor Durazo Medical Biomagnetism 714-824-9998