Let's Help Muff Feel Better

Muff is a great friend of our Durazo Medical Biomagnetic healing center, and we are doing everything we can to help her raise funds to get her the powerful home-care technology she needs to get her energy levels back on track! 

She was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure which is affecting her breathing capacity and making it hard to get around; also her natural energy has been affected.

Because of this she fell last week and broke 3 ribs. She also has neuropathy of her feet & legs, and of course, because of her heart, she is developing edema.

The reason we love Muff so much is because she is a giver - for many years she has touched many as a reflexology healer and teacher.  She needs our help.  I know for a fact that she will share her technology with others, and thus will touch many more lives.  Thank you all! 

Let's Help River with His Recovery

Dear Friends and Family,

Our private membership medical association needs your help raising funds for a young child who drowned in November 2017 and has a long recovery ahead of him!  

Can we count on your support - any little bit helps!

We are excited to announce that within 3 days after our initial Biomagnetic treatment coupled with our Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulating technology, he is responding with new physical movement and a rosier skin tone. 

This young 17-month old named River is a fighter, and we want to help mom and dad have greater control of his homecare and to have access to other much needed treatment, which of course over time adds up. 

Can you help? 

One of the immediate tools they need is the medical technology we are using at our office so they can do this type of treatment a couple time per day everyday. 

Please help him on his recovery journey.  If you don't have anything to spare, your thoughts and prayers count too!  


Betty ($100) - she saw River at our office and didn't hesitate one bit, for she knows exactly how this technology is benefiting her, and knows things will only get better for him and family.  

Charles ($50), Don & Vic ($50), Norma ($25), Sandra ($20), Elizabeth ($50)


Muff Needs Your Help!

 River Needs Your Help!