Dear Jacob Thompson and Parents, this is Moses Durazo, your medical biomagnetic specialist, from Durazo Medical Biomagnetism (a private membership medical association).  I love your holiday spirit and am all for celebrating with you! 

However, I'm not at all excited about the prognosis and I strongly feel that when we apply the right healthcare strategies, that we can prevent, improve and even cure illness despite being told that there's 'nothing more to do'. 

For me, sending a simple holiday card is not enough, especially when I have in-depth experience helping others  in a similar situation, so I'm inviting you to accept my invitation to receive FREE biomagnetic tools so that you can apply biomagnetism on your own, and hopefully improve upon the prognosis.  This can be a quick start, and hope one day we meet in person!

Do let me know if you want to move forward on shipping you the tools - be on the look out for the letter that just got mailed today with a little more info for you!

Best wishes! 

Moses Durazo
Your Medical Biomagnetic Pair Specialist 


Note:  Anybody wishing to support on our mission to help others, your donations are greatly appreciated.  We will be on the look out for cases that come up on the news and will reach out to them.  I know there are millions of people living in pain and suffering, but this is a start.  Thank you in advance! 








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